The Mayfair Clinic London – Providing IDD Therapy in the heart of the capital

The Mayfair Clinic is a leading Osteopathy clinic in the heart of London.  The forward thinking team combine manual therapy with a number of technologies to get the best for patients and IDD Therapy is at the heart of their spine service.

Clinic Director Michael Fatica is passionate about his patients and as can be seen in these videos is committed to helping people understand how IDD Therapy works and how it can help people.

The clinic has a lift for patients, the team installing the Accu SPINA take the stairs, but it’s all in a day’s work!

Michael has recorded many videos and this is further explanations of IDD Therapy.

For patients with unresolved back pain, neck pain and leg pain, The Mayfair Clinic in located close to Oxford Street in Cavendish Square.

For appointments, please call 020 3947 3222

The Mayfair Clinic
4 Cavendish Square


Muscat Osteopathy & Wellness Centre in Oman puts IDD Therapy at the heart of the clinic

Scott Johnston has recently co-founded a brand new clinic in Muscat, Oman.  Originally from Scotland, Scott is a highly experienced Osteopath who wanted to establish the best non-invasive treatment centre that he could.

Scott is delighted to have IDD Therapy at his clinic.

Scott Says:

“I have treated thousands of patients but always found that certain patients with disc problems, didn’t respond as well as I would like.

When I lived in the UK I would refer patients to other clinics who provided IDD Therapy. Having seen the results for them and others, when surgery had seemed like the only option, it was important that IDD Therapy would be a central part of the clinic.

Now patients can have the reassurance that we have the best non-invasive treatment for them”

Scott is pictured with Steve Small of IDD Therapy Disc Clinics.

We are delighted to welcome Scott and the team to the IDD Therapy provider network and wish them every success. 

For more information about providing IDD Therapy at your clinic go to 


IDD Therapy Winter 2020 Newsletter – Open the pdf here!

The IDD Therapy Winter Newsletter is now available to open, download and share.

IDD Therapy Newsletter Winter 2020

IDD Therapy is expanding rapidly as more clinics grow to appreciate the differences between IDD Therapy and traction, as well as seeing the fantastic results for patients with unresolved pain.

Let’s be very clear. IDD Therapy is not a cure-all. Some patients do not achieve the changes we might desire, but they are the minority. Whilst we celebrate success of course, we really try to extract incites when a patient does not respond to treatment.

The network of providers is expanding, over 1,000 globally and counting!

For patients who need more than manual therapy and exercise and who do not require emergency surgical intervention, IDD Therapy gives greater non-invasive options.

The acid test of any treatment is whether you would recommend it to a relative. Well, my father (now 88) had had IDD on his lumbar spine. He also had a cervical problem, which was not suitable and he underwent surgical decompression (was losing balance).

If you would like more information about IDD Therapy, download information here:



IDD Therapy in Penang, Malaysia and do you remember the first white ipod headphones?

I received a few pictures from the install team who were out in Malaysia last week. This is the latest IDD Therapy Disc Clinic in Penang.

Accu SPINA at the IDD Therapy DIsc Clinic in Penang, Malaysia

When you walk around, do you notice the number of people with wireless white headphones.

Or if you cast your mind back a bit further, do you remember when you first started to see white headphones which heralded the arrival of the ipod?

Your subconscious probably saw the first few and then before you knew it, it seemed that everyone was wearing them!

As I meet people, they often tell me, I am seeing more things about IDD Therapy.

It’s like the ipod effect.

The reality is that as more clinics become Disc Clinics, the more patients and practitioners will become aware of IDD Therapy.


I don’t know about you, but at the end of July, my thoughts start to turn to September. It’s like at the end of Jan when there is a sense that spring is around the corner.

If this September is going to look much like last September for your practice, or even the September before that , then like my friends in Penang, have you thought about adding a new dimension to your clinic?

Expanding your spine services for the mid ground of back and neck pain sufferers will be a catalyst for your clinic.

I don’t know who said it but the saying goes that growth happens just outside our comfort zones.

I leapt out of my comfort zone when I had a career hand break turn after a visit to an IDD clinic in Cairo.

It was all or nothing.

I won’t lie. Many times I have thought, why on earth did I do that?! But, the outcomes caused me to persist and now I see the transformations of the clinics who were prepared to do things differently to their neighbours.

The difference between me and you, was that I was introducing a completely unknown new therapy, which people perceived to be the same as something they knew didn’t work (traction) and did I happen to say that back in the day before economies of scale, the kit cost £90,000!

I don’t care how good you are, that is not an easy change to make!

Fortunately a lot has changed in my world, and for clinics, with over 1,000 clinics now using IDD Therapy, the paths have been well trodden. Which is why IDD Therapy is expanding.

If you have a bigger vision for your clinic, I haven’t seen anything in MSK which gives greater growth potential. If you would like current deals, let me know.

Enjoy the rest of summer!

Author: Stephen Small, Heads up the expansion of the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic network helping clinics do more patients and in turn to grow their practices.  To request more information, use the form below:



IDD Therapy Disc Clinic Conference – Great minds don’t always think alike!

Saturday 6th April saw the IDD Therapy provider network meet at Toynbee Hall in London to discuss all things IDD Therapy Disc Treatment.

With practitioners coming from all over the UK, it was a great opportunity to get insights into where and how IDD Therapy can help patients with chronic back and neck pain.

John Yeboah, Enfield Osteopathic Clinic

The day began with case studies from Naval Mair, Neil Velleman, John Yeboah and Tim Hanwell.  This is always a useful way to open up questions about the evolution of IDD Therapy treatment plans.

It also looked at the times when patients do not respond to treatment and to examine if there are things that anyone might do differently.The main objective of the day was to discuss and agree a protocol for the collection of data across clinics. Stephen Small of IDD Therapy Disc Clinics presented a spreadsheet with a series of outcome measures which the group discussed.

Naval Mair, Lisa Opie, Karen Padgett, Anthony Padgett

The group wanted to create a standard benchmark of data points that every clinic would collect.  This would enable clinics to not only audit their own outcomes without fuss, but also to enable the group to look at data from all of the clinics as a collective.

Various outcome measures were discussed (PROMS) as well as the increasing use of movement sensor technology amongst IDD Therapy providers.  The conversation was lively because there are many variables when treating different types of back pain!

Stephen Small, IDD Therapy Disc Clinics

The day included an expert panel discussion with Richard Hughes, Steve Morris and James Sneddon taking questions from the group.  Topics included pathology variables and altering the application of decompression forces at different angles to affect desired outcomes.

All in all it was an enriching day and a great way for practitioners from a variety of backgrounds to forge closer relationships and share ideas.

As a group the practitioners the IDD Therapy providers are changing spine care and it is inspiring to see the evolution of the possibilities for conservative spine care.

This is Toynbee Hall in East London, 2 minutes from Aldgate East tube.  A charity with conference facilities.