IDD Therapy now in Eastbourne as Eastbourne Back Pain Clinic takes delivery of Accu SPINA

We are delighted to welcome Eastbourne Back Pain Clinic to the IDD Therapy provider network as they take delivery of their Accu SPINA.

Led by Osteopath Steve Crossley, Steve has been treating backs for over twenty and is now providing IDD Therapy.

He is passionate about helping people get out of pain and moving again. Steve says:

“Hands on treatment is able to bring tremendous change for most patients. However some conditions need something more and IDD Therapy provides a means to help people get out of pain without relying on pain medication.

Where possible we aim to avoid the need for invasive treatment such as injections or surgery. IDD Therapy ensures we have the best possible opportunity to relieve pain and restore function through conservative treatment”.

First patient enjoying IDD Therapy – you can hear the gentle music:

IDD Therapy is suitable for:

– Herniated or Bulging Discs
– Sciatica or Nerve Pain
– Degenerative Disc Disease
– Facet Joint Syndrome
– Chronic Back Pain or Neck Pain

If you or someone you know has unresolved back or neck pain, then contact the clinic directly.

Eastbourne Back Pain Clinic
tel: 01323647711

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Spinal Surgery News – A physiotherapist’s perspective: The UK expansion of IDD Therapy spinal decompression

November 12 2020 – Spinal Surgery News publishes article by physiotherapists John Wood and Lewis Payne of Sheffield Physiotherapy examining the expansion of IDD Therapy.

The authors conclude:

Change happens slowly, especially within physical therapy. Having used IDD Therapy for many years, both on its own and in combination with other modalities, we believe it provides the greatest opportunity for scalable improvement for patients with unresolved back and neck pain.

Here is a link to the article click here or you can download the pdf below.

201112 Spinal Surgery News – IDD Therapy Expansion by Sheffield Physiotherapy

For more information about IDD Therapy and other services available at Sheffield Physiotherapy, visit their website or call 0114 268 6677.

KLS Chiropractic expands with IDD Therapy spinal decompression and Accu SPINA technology

KLS Chiropractic in Gainsville Georgia took delivery of their Accu SPINA last week to provide IDD Therapy spinal decompression.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is well established in the US as this is where the category of treatment was developed.

Dr Lisa Richter has expanded her practice and as can be seen, is delighted with her new technology.

Whilst 2020 is a year most of us will want to forget, the reality is that many people suffer with unresolved back and neck pain.

IDD Therapy is best known as a treatment for disc-related problems such as herniated discs.

When manual therapy and exercise alone is not enough, IDD Therapy spinal decompression is the next stage in treatment.

Most patients do not need injections and only some patients may still require surgery, especially if treatment is not left for years.

So we congratulate Dr Richter and wish her continued success.


Interested in providing IDD Therapy, download information here

How clinics evolve – IDD Therapy Liverpool at Balance Health Centre

Earlier this year we installed an Accu Spina in Liverpool for Michael Furlong of Balance Health Centre.

This was me with Michael (center) at the training.

Michael actually moved some walls in his clinic to make room for IDD in a dual purpose treatment room.

Having suffered with his back and wanting to avoid surgery, Michael’s friend had recommended he have IDD Therapy in Buxton.

After that his receptionist went to Nantwich for IDD and the decision was unanimously taken that the clinic should definitely have IDD!

When a clinic gets IDD, change does not happen overnight. Rather, it is a case of gradual changes and improvements over time.

Whether that is systems, marketing, new website, staffing or just improving the non-surgical spine programmes.

Here is Michael now. He has actually moved the position of his Accu SPINA (by moving a door which was where the tower is now) and as you can see, he’s made signage.

I like the sign. Of course it gives patients confidence when they come in. But it’s actually an important detail.

A detail of progressive improvements in the clinic, a clinic ticking off those small improvements in every area of the business.

Referrals to Balance Health Centre: If you have a patient in or around Liverpool with unresolved back pain or neck pain, especially disc prolapse and sciatica, contact the clinic:

Michael Furlong, Balance Health Centre, 461 West Derby Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool, L6 4BL – Tel: 0151 263 6442 |

Evolving Clinics

Each individual change on its own in clinic does not change the world, but cumulatively and collectively, when you add them up they propel the clinic to a higher level further down the line.

We all have our “would like to do” or “really need to get round to” lists, (usually in our heads!) but as the famous development coach Tony Robbins says, it’s when our “shoulds” become our “musts” that we make the changes.

Those changes can be small or large, but they set us on a different path and it’s that which translates into those significant progressions years down the line.

Bringing IDD Therapy to a clinic is an important decision.

I see it every time, having IDD in clinic forces people to take care of those details … because they want to progress. And the changes aren’t huge, but when you have IDD, things get done and things move forward.

If what you are doing now isn’t going to take you to where you want it to be in five years time, then IDD is a powerful catalyst.

The uncertainty of society isn’t going away. But most people will still have jobs, there will always be back pain and people will rather go to a clinic than a hospital.

Expanding Your Clinic

If you would like to discuss IDD Therapy and your clinic, we can talk on a zoom call. Just message me on linkedin.

Or for an info pack and some content by email, here is a link to download a prospectus:


Steve Small
Clinic Development Director
IDD Therapy Disc Clinics

Two physiotherapists from Sheffield have published an article about ID Therapy.  John Wood and Lewis Payne of Sheffield Physiotherapy have been using IDD Therapy for almost ten years.

John says:

“When I first saw IDD Therapy I thought it was like traction, as many physios do. Traction, as we know, had faded out of clinical practice because at that time there were few trials that showed it to be effective. Although, ask any older practitioner who used traction and they will tell you that for some patients it really helped them.

IDD Therapy got our attention initially because unlike traction of old, it was specific and able to target particular levels of the spine.”

Lewis has been instrumental in developing research tools for all clinics using IDD Therapy to be able to audit their outcomes and have consistency in the way all clinics manage data.  This is an important step in developing understanding of the treatment.

John finishes:

“Having used IDD Therapy for many years, both on its own and in combination with other modalities, we believe it provides the greatest opportunity for scalable improvement for patients with unresolved back and neck pain.”

Read the full article here:

The expansion of IDD Therapy spinal decompression in the UK

For more information about IDD Therapy, visit