IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression now at The Ashgrove Clinic – first clinic in Northamptonshire

Located in the market town of Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire, The Ashgrove Clinic has expanded their conservative spine care service with IDD Therapy spinal decompression.

Steven Bruce pictured with Jay Sheridan

With a range of treatments including Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy and more, the addition of IDD Therapy underscores a commitment to helping patients back to health, without the need for medication, injections or surgery.

After completing training in IDD Therapy and how to use the Accu SPINA, the team are ready to go.

The Ashgrove Clinic is located near Kettering and Northampton. For appointments, contact the clinic:

The Ashgrove Clinic
Tel 01933 469043

To find an IDD Therapy provider near you, enter your postcode on the clinic finder.

Kino Physiotherapy brings IDD Therapy to Ethiopia

There were many challenges in the 2021.  But a ray of sunshine has shone brightly as a new physiotherapy clinic in Addis Ababa has brought hope to the many people who suffer with unresolved back pain.

Kino Physiotherapy is a state-of-the art rehabilitation clinic, located in Yeka City in Addis Ababa, and is the brainchild of Yusuf Seid and Amir Yusuf.  When back pain got so bad that he couldn’t get through the day, Yusuf travelled overseas to have a programme of IDD Therapy spinal decompression.

Yusuf says “I just couldn’t get past a certain point with my rehab and the pain was making me concerned for my future.  Hearing about IDD Therapy, I travelled abroad to have treatment.  I was so happy with the success of the IDD Therapy, the freedom to move without pain, that I knew we needed to offer this fantastic treatment to the people of Ethiopia”.

IDD Therapy is at the heart of the Kino Physiotherapy clinic, alongside standard and other specialist rehabilitation programmes for people with pain, injury and disabilities.

IDD Therapy was developed in North America in the late 1990s and has expanded around the world.  Using a machine called an Accu SPINA, IDD Therapy works by treating targeted spinal segments which are often at the origin of pain. 

This includes conditions such as bulging or herniated discs and related conditions like the suffering-inducing leg pain or “sciatica”.

Patients lie fully clothed on the Accu SPINA machine to which they are connected with ergonomic harnesses. A pelvic harness acts like a big pair of hands holding the hips and a buckle connects to a decompression motor on the Accu SPINA tower.

Computer controlled pulling forces applied at precisely measured angles then gently stretch the tissues around the injured joint whilst decompressing the disc.  With a programme of treatments, pressure is progressively removed from nerves which may be causing pain, and by improving spinal function, the body’s natural healing mechanism can operate efficiently.  Treatment is comfortable and many people fall asleep on the machine.

As movement improves and pain subsides, patients are then able to perform simple exercises with a goal to stay on a path of long term pain-free living.

Amir Yusuf is a fellow director of Kino Physiotherapy.  “We received our Accu SPINA earlier this year, it was exciting for us to finally get it.  We received full instruction from Steve Johnson, the impressive American trainer who spent time with us so that we could get the most from IDD Therapy and ensure we can give the best possible outcomes to our patients.  It is exciting to see the results and the possibilities we can offer people who wish to avoid surgery.

Stephen Small of IDD Therapy Disc Clinics in the UK is the International Distributor of the Accu SPINA and says: “Kino Physiotherapy is an oasis of calm for people with difficult pain conditions.  It is with great pride and satisfaction that we welcome the Kino Physio team to the IDD Therapy provider network and we look forward to the future.”

Already patients are travelling from other cities in the country to experience the state-of-the art technology which combined with the clinical excellence of the staff, offer solutions which previously had not been available to patients inside Ethiopia.

For more details about Kino Physiotherapy, visit

or call 116 00 66 45

whatsapp 251 948 000 011

MVMT Chiropractic now with two Accu SPINA machines providing IDD Therapy spinal decompression

MVMT Chiropractic has expanded its spinal decompression service and now has two Accu SPINA machines at their expanding clinic in Houston.

MVMT is owned by Dr John Mason and the clinic has a full spectrum of services to help patients return to an active lifestyle, without medications and avoiding the need for surgery wherever possible.

It is great to have such a forward thinking clinic in the network and having two Accu SPINA at the clinic highlights again the impact IDD Therapy spinal decompression is having in conservative spine care.

Great to have MVMT in the IDD Therapy family.

For more information about IDD Therapy at MVMT Chiropractic visit:

 or call (832) 391 8077

Spinal Decompression – How IDD Therapy is causing a seismic shift in spine care.

Working with a global network of IDD Therapy spinal decompression providers, I get to see what is happening on the ground.

I was sent this picture last week from the US. This is an IDD Therapy provider in Pekin, Illinois and you can hopefully get a sense of how spinal decompression is creating a shift in spine care.

IDD Therapy is delivered by the Accu SPINA machine. When I first got involved with IDD Therapy over ten years ago, the perception of the Accu SPINA and IDD Therapy was that it was traction. Given that traction was outmoded, why should anyone be interested in IDD Therapy spinal decompression?

The key information gap which we have been working hard to bridge is that IDD Therapy was developed precisely to address the failings of traction … and the natural limitations of hands on treatment.

Decompressing targeted spinal segments, working soft tissues and mobilising joints longitudinally with a patented oscillation capability is what makes IDD Therapy the global leader in spinal decompression and separates it from traction.

Whilst IDD Therapy isn’t yet mainstream in many countries, what you can see from this picture is that spinal decompression is real and happening.

It won’t be long before we are at 50 UK provider clinics. IDD Therapy has been covered by Aviva insurance for several years now because of the cost benefits they observed with surgery.

Whilst there are huge advances in spinal surgery, the mid ground of spine care has been stuck with very minor changes. Certainly nothing scalable like IDD Therapy to make a real difference to both patients and the clinicians treating them.

Many clinics outside the UK now have multiple Accu SPINA, the biggest provider has 12 machines at a number of locations. In the UK one clinic in Glasgow has two Accu SPINA and another in Essex now has two IDD Therapy spinal decompression locations.

I was speaking to the factory this week and a new clinic just ordered two Accu SPINA from the get go. Not one Accu SPINA to see how it would go but two because they were opening a new spinal decompression dedicated practice and in north America spinal decompression is well established.

If you have a spine care service and you are not using IDD Therapy, then I know that you are not getting as good outcomes as you could be.

I have a clinic in London since 2014 ( I knowthe outcomes in my clinic and I work with clinics around the world using IDD Therapy. Nobody is ever saying IDD Therapy doesn’t work.

Imagine investing in something and discovering that you could achieve the same results with your hands or with another piece of equipment. That doesn’t happen.

IDD Therapy may not have 100% success rates, but what treatment does? However, consider that with IDD Therapy spinal decompression we are treating the patients for whom manual therapy and exercise HAS NOT worked.

Which makes the results with IDD Therapy all the more impressive.

If you are old enough, you mayremember when you were young and you first heard about McDonalds. It may be that you have grown up always knowing McDonalds but there was a time when it was only in America.

Now MCDonalds is global.

IDD Therapy is to spine care what McDonalds is to fast food.

Slightly different markets of course but when you see and hear clinics opening purely as spinal decompression centres, then you can be sure that a seismic change is happening in spine care.

If you are interested in getting better outcomes for your patients or wish to grow your practice, download a prospectus here.

If you work in the public sector, the cost savings of conservative treatment over pain clinics, injections or surgery make IDD Therapy extremely compelling. And of course, treatment is safe, gentle and non-invasive, with no side-effects.