Two physiotherapists from Sheffield have published an article about ID Therapy.  John Wood and Lewis Payne of Sheffield Physiotherapy have been using IDD Therapy for almost ten years.

John says:

“When I first saw IDD Therapy I thought it was like traction, as many physios do. Traction, as we know, had faded out of clinical practice because at that time there were few trials that showed it to be effective. Although, ask any older practitioner who used traction and they will tell you that for some patients it really helped them.

IDD Therapy got our attention initially because unlike traction of old, it was specific and able to target particular levels of the spine.”

Lewis has been instrumental in developing research tools for all clinics using IDD Therapy to be able to audit their outcomes and have consistency in the way all clinics manage data.  This is an important step in developing understanding of the treatment.

John finishes:

“Having used IDD Therapy for many years, both on its own and in combination with other modalities, we believe it provides the greatest opportunity for scalable improvement for patients with unresolved back and neck pain.”

Read the full article here:

The expansion of IDD Therapy spinal decompression in the UK

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IDD Therapy now available in North Yorkshire at Cathedral Osteopaths

Located just north of Harrogate in Ripon, Cathedral Osteopaths has emerged from lockdown with an enhanced spinal service incorporating IDD Therapy.

Led by Clinic Director Vanessa Robinson, Vanessa ordered her Accu SPINA machine just before the lockdown.  2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and yet Vanessa knew that IDD Therapy needed to be part of her practice.

Vanessa says: “There are some patients who just need something more for their pain.IDD Therapy fits the principles of Osteopathy by helping the body the body to heal itself.

The Accu SPINA machine we have gives our clinic far greater scope to do more for patients who previously we wouldn’t have been able to help.”

The clinic is located directly opposite Ripon Cathedral and receives patients from across the county.

For more information, contact the clinic:

Tel: 01765 540026

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Bury Chiropractic Centre brings IDD Therapy to Lancashire!

“Where there’s a will there’s a way” so the saying goes.  This applies perfectly to chiropractors Wendy Davis and Alicia Leontieff of Bury Chiropractic.

Keen to do more for certain back and neck pain sufferers, owners Alicia and Wendy had decided they needed to bring IDD Therapy spinal decompression to their expanding clinic in Bury.

However, there was no space to put an Accu SPINA (IDD machine)! Fortunately with a can do attitude, the duo and their team started looking at ways to change things around a little.

This team is always positive!

So with a little creativity and a handy builder, they rearranged some storage, added a door, divided a large treatment room and all of a sudden there was space for an Accu SPINA and voilà!

Preparing for IDD Therapy, Andris with Wendy.

Oh and to get the machine up the stairs and into the treatment room, the carpenter whipped out a banister on the stairs and hey presto, the IDD room was ready for action!

It is fantastic to have Bury Chiropractic in the global network of IDD Therapy providers and they are already seeing how it is providing help to an under-served population of back pain sufferers.

For appointments or more information about IDD Therapy in Bury, contact:

Bury Chiropractic Centre
Exchange House
39 Knowsley Street

Tel: 0161 763 1700

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The Mayfair Clinic London – Providing IDD Therapy in the heart of the capital

The Mayfair Clinic is a leading Osteopathy clinic in the heart of London.  The forward thinking team combine manual therapy with a number of technologies to get the best for patients and IDD Therapy is at the heart of their spine service.

Clinic Director Michael Fatica is passionate about his patients and as can be seen in these videos is committed to helping people understand how IDD Therapy works and how it can help people.

The clinic has a lift for patients, the team installing the Accu SPINA take the stairs, but it’s all in a day’s work!

Michael has recorded many videos and this is further explanations of IDD Therapy.

For patients with unresolved back pain, neck pain and leg pain, The Mayfair Clinic in located close to Oxford Street in Cavendish Square.

For appointments, please call 020 3947 3222

The Mayfair Clinic
4 Cavendish Square


Muscat Osteopathy & Wellness Centre in Oman puts IDD Therapy at the heart of the clinic

Scott Johnston has recently co-founded a brand new clinic in Muscat, Oman.  Originally from Scotland, Scott is a highly experienced Osteopath who wanted to establish the best non-invasive treatment centre that he could.

Scott is delighted to have IDD Therapy at his clinic.

Scott Says:

“I have treated thousands of patients but always found that certain patients with disc problems, didn’t respond as well as I would like.

When I lived in the UK I would refer patients to other clinics who provided IDD Therapy. Having seen the results for them and others, when surgery had seemed like the only option, it was important that IDD Therapy would be a central part of the clinic.

Now patients can have the reassurance that we have the best non-invasive treatment for them”

Scott is pictured with Steve Small of IDD Therapy Disc Clinics.

We are delighted to welcome Scott and the team to the IDD Therapy provider network and wish them every success. 

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