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Last week I wrote about how to make and use a simple video to share your message.  A question arose about how to actually insert a video into a wordpress website.

The principles are similar for most blogs and webpages, this actual site is wordpress so here are the simple steps.

In the editing area of your pages, click the line where you want the video.

Select “Add Media”








Click “Insert from url”





In another window, find your youtube video and copy the url






Paste into the “insert url” and click insert










Here is the actual video I am inserting in the post (I might as well showcase what we do!) and voilà:

In youtube, you can also click the “share” icon and copy paste get the url that way (webpage) – easy for facebook.













You can physically embed html code but most people freak out at that prospect!, fortunately most website platforms are much easier now and you just insert the “video” link as I just did.

I hope this helps.

About: Stephen Small heads up the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic network.  IDD Therapy is the non surgical spinal decompression treatment which address the failings of tradition traction to treat targeted spinal segments. To get information about how clinics can provide IDD Therapy, get some info CLICK HERE

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