Clinic Marketing

If your clinic feels stale or needs a lift to compete in the ever more crowded healthcare space, we give some free guidance notes to take you through the steps necessary to take your clinic to the next level.  Form below

Many clinicians rely on word of mouth to grow their business.

Word of mouth is the most effective form of clinic marketing as with many professional service businesses.   However, word of mouth takes (a long) time to build up so what more can clinics do.  There is a lot more to marketing a clinic and service than just advertising.  Small changes and improvements can make a big difference in the long run to how a clinic attracts new patients and encourages referrals.

Working with Steadfast

At Steadfast Clinics we provide support to help clinics reach out to their community as they join the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic network.  This assistance takes many forms depending on the needs of the clinic.

Things we provide:

Database of 300 GPs close to the clinic
Database of local consultants
Database of local practitioners
2000 Personalised leaflets
Roller Banner
Personalised Adverts
Negotiate with local newspaper for adverts

Google adwords coaching (free)
And more besides …

The marketing reports we provide will get you thinking about your clinic as the business is it.  One day you will stop working by choice or circumstances.  You will either just close the door or you will hopefully sell it and sail off into the sunset!

The question right now is, would you by your clinic and how much would you pay for it?  And more importantly would another clinic wish to buy it for the price you would like/need to get for it?


The key value drivers of any business are profit and turnover, assets in the business, the extent to which the owner works/doesn’t have to work in the business, strength of brand, customer/patient list and good will.

Building a clinic isn’t a sprint.  It’s about consistent action, however small and refinement.  We see with IDD Therapy clinics a need and desire to reach out to the community and that often involves thinking more deeply about marketing.

So, if you have any thoughts or ambitions for your clinic, get our free series of reports or marketing chapters and they will take you through some of the steps.  If you have some questions or needs after that, then just get in touch.