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IDD Therapy

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Of Spine Treatment

What started as a commercial exercise to sell Accu SPINA machines and IDD Therapy, developed into a mission to transform conservative spine care.

We are known as the company that introduced IDD Therapy to Europe and who have set this remarkable treatment on its path as the fastest growing conservative spinal disc treatment.

Before everything comes the clinics who have embraced IDD Therapy as a means to help patients who need something more for their pain.  The clinics mean everything to us wherever they are.  Without them and without their confidence in us, we don’t have a business and we can’t help the thousands of patients who benefit from IDD Therapy every year.

What we stand for

At Steadfast we have a motto which admittedly sounds like a corporate cliché:

Your Success is Our Success is Your Success.

But this is in our DNA.  Unless our partner clinics are able to reach out to and provide the best treatment for their patients, we do not have a business.  As we help clinics, this helps us to grow and this in turn reinforces the help we can give to our partners, wherever they are.

We therefore work as closely as we can with our clinics and share insights from within and outside the network of IDD Therapy providers to deliver the best in conservative spinal care and patient experience.

Who we work with

We work with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and surgeons.  IDD Therapy treatment is not exclusive to one profession.  It crosses clinician divides and brings differing ideologies together to create a singular approach to complex spine disorders, centred around targeted spinal segments and the intervertebral disc.

We are proud to host an annual IDD Therapy provider conference where we aim to share best clinical practice and provide insights to help patients reach out to their wider community.

We are on a mission.  It has been a slow journey but now IDD Therapy is the fastest growing spinal disc treatment.  We are excited about the future and fulfilling our mission.

Want to help more patients and expand your clinic?

If you are a clinician and would like to do more for your patients by providing IDD Therapy and joining the fastest growing spinal network, then use any of the contact forms on this site and we will help you.

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    “The reason we get up each day is to hear that a clinic has changed someone’s life with IDD Therapy when no other solutions seemed possible.  That is our business and the driving force behind everything we do.