The following testimonials were provided by patients who have experienced IDD Therapy Disc Treatment.  IDD Therapy is a targeted treatment tool used as part of a programme of care.

Whilst not a cure-all, IDD Therapy success rates range from 70-90% depending on the condition, based on at least a 50% reduction in pain.  Most patients who undergo a course of IDD Therapy have not responded to manual therapy and exercise-based programmes and may be considering invasive treatments.

Always consult your supervising clinician for guidance on your appropriate treatment requirements.


“My back pain problems began in 2008.  At the time I was referred for physiotherapy by my GP.  I was given exercises but they didn’t help much; I still had severe shooting pains in my leg (a symptom of degenerative disc disease).  In April this year, I felt worse than ever; I was in such a bad way that my wife had to help me up the stairs.  A friend recommended Chigwell Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Practice.

My sciatica was so intense, I really didn’t think it would ever go but (after a course of IDD) I feel like a different person now: I can walk properly and the pain has disappeared.” Jason C  Romford

“Having been told that I needed surgery, after only a few days’ (IDD) treatment, I had my first pain free days in over three years.  Previously, I had to take painkillers on a daily basis; now I no longer need to.” Neil C, East Sussex

“Six months ago I had an MRI scan which highlighted a prolapsed disc in my back. Prior to this I was experiencing a shooting pain up my leg; walking, standing or sitting were all very difficult.  I’ve always been a keen sportsman but during this time I couldn’t sustain any training due to the pain in my right side and my lack of mobility.  My posture wasn’t right and occasionally it left me completely unable to move.

I visited Mr Sneddon (at The Buckingham Clinic) who reviewed my MRI scan and we discussed starting a programme of IDD Therapy. I started having sessions three or four times a week.  My pain didn’t disappear straight away but it gradually improved; I also noticed the tension in my back easing after every session.   At the end of my sessions, I saw a massive difference.

I slowly began to build up my exercise programme again, which was very important, specifically for keeping my mobility.  I now cycle and instead of weights to keep my strength up I’ve started climbing.  Best of all, I’m back playing golf and continue to compete within my mixed martial arts.”  Fraser K, Scotland

“Having suffered from intense lower back pain for a considerable time, I decided to try IDD Therapy treatment.  I now walk upright and my sleeping pattern which had been so bad through pain, is now back to normal.”  Pat, Herefordshire

“Last year I was in a terrible state: virtually every time I moved I got shooting pains in my legs.  I love playing football and going to the gym but I just couldn’t do any sports – even swimming – without this severe pain.  I’d tried lots of different treatments including spinal injections but nothing seemed to touch the pain.  Finally, I was told that surgery was my only hope.

I no longer suffer with my original sciatic symptoms and I was pain free just after half way through my (IDD) treatment programme.  I’m swimming and going to the gym again.”   Dan K, North London

Following several fruitless visits to my GP, I made an appointment through a recommendation by a friend.  I was suffering terrible headaches, back and neck pain and numbness on my right side.  All my treatment was fully explained and I decided to embark on the first of two separate courses of IDD Therapy.

This combined with the odd sports massage and manipulation here and there soon had me on the road to recovery.    Without any doubt, had I not had treatment, I’d still be in the misery of my mystery condition..!     Jennifer K, Scotland

“I have suffered with low back pain and sciatica on and off for a long time and had surgery a few years ago for a prolapsed disc.  Unfortunately the symptoms came back and I have been in pain and unable to live a full life since last summer.

When I heard about IDD Therapy, I jumped at the chance and got relief in the first week of treatment. I have been able to travel abroad on business (when previously I thought I would have to cancel my trip).

I have followed the treatment plan and am now pain-free and able to lead a proper family life, including DIY and a full career in business.”      John D, Herefordshire

“I have had lower back problems for a number of years despite regular treatments and I have what is medically referred to as a “dodgy back”.  IDD was recommended to me and I tried the IDD machine for 10 sessions.  After the first four sessions I felt that there was no improvement and felt the treatment was not for me. After six sessions, however, I started to notice an improvement.  I was becoming more flexible and after ten sessions I was waking up in the morning pain-free.

I can now go cycling, hill walking and take part in other activities without worrying about my back. My job can also be quite physical at times putting extra pressure on my back, but since my first session in January I have had no back problems at all.

Based on the vast improvement I have felt in my lower back and the increase in my general activity, I would highly recommend this treatment.”     John S, Balloch.

“I have been troubled with an extremely painful back and leg for over a year. I had received several months’ physiotherapy but nothing helped.  By the time I arrived at The Buckingham Clinic I was in a tearful sorry state, unable to sit, sleep or work.  After a consultation with Mr Sneddon he suggested IDD Therapy and explained how I might benefit from it.   Although I had never heard of IDD, I decided to give it a try.

The difference it has made is tremendous.    After only three sessions I had my first full nights’ sleep in months.   The treatment itself is quite comfortable and surprisingly soothing.  I am now at the end of my sessions and have already resumed work.”    Delia H, Scotland

“In December 2011, after a long flight, I suffered a serious back injury. The pain was constant and pain relief medication barely helped.  I saw an Osteopath who had difficulty diagnosing the injury and they recommended I had an MRI scan. I spent all of Christmas and New Year completely housebound and the only comfortable position was laying flat on the lounge floor or laying in bed. In early January 2012 I had the MRI scan and the results were sent to the osteopath. He advised me I had 4 herniated discs, 2 of which were bulging into my spinal cord, creating pressure on my sciatic nerve.  He also advised I had degenerative lower spine and osteoarthritis.  It certainly didn’t sound good. He advised surgery was an option, otherwise passive treatment could possibly improve the condition slightly but could take years. I really didn’t know which way to turn. With my work I have to do a lot of flying and travelling. The thought of this pain continuing was truly unthinkable.

I searched the internet for alternatives and found various stories regarding IDD treatment. I was quite sceptical of some of the reviews from patients but with the pain I was suffering I really thought it was worth finding out more. I met Steve Morris at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic for an initial assessment. He was very thorough and advised me that I was almost a ‘text-book’ case for IDD treatment and he felt sure it would improve my condition. I booked in for an intense treatment programme as soon as I could. This started the first week of February and ran through until the end of March. I noticed improvement in the first couple of weeks but pain would still be bad at times. Shaun Harris, who treated me through the IDD programme, advised me all along that changes were good, even if pain returned, sometimes in different areas. He advised me that the treatment works differently for everyone. His reassurance through my treatment really helped because there were times where I really thought it may not work for me.

Towards the end of the treatment Shaun started to introduce an exercise programme to help activate and strengthen core muscles so as to help take pressure off my back and extend the future of my back without constant pain and mobility restriction. These exercises have gradually increased and after ongoing consultations with Steve my back is well on the road to recovery. That is probably a huge understatement! I have got my life back thanks to Steve and Shaun and IDD treatment. Yes, I still get some discomfort and I am still careful with lifting and strenuous exercise. I realise my back condition will stay with me but feel that with the ongoing support of the exercise programme I can once again lead a normal life. When I think back to how debilitated I was in December, January and February to where I am now, it is truly a million miles apart.  Back then my life revolved around medication, bucket loads of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, with chasers of Voltarol and Diclafenac!  I still need pain relief sometimes but I have very few activity restrictions. Justin Last

As a nurse in the NHS I had to think hard about the decision to choose private treatment for my disc prolapse. When I first saw my GP I was referred to the NHS Spinal Service but was given an appointment for 6 weeks later. I simply couldn’t wait that long – and be in so much pain – to get help so did a bit of searching online and went to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic.

I saw the osteopath and he told me about the IDD treatment available at the clinic and that he thought it could really help with my specific problem. I did my own research and decided to go ahead with it. I had a private MRI scan which confirmed a substantial L5/S1 disc prolapse. Within two weeks of commencing treatment my levels of pain had significantly reduced and my mobility had improved equally well. I continued to make excellent progress and, by the time I saw the NHS doctor, my symptoms were markedly better. I was told they would have referred me for a scan which could have taken up to 12 weeks. I showed them my own scan results and was told I would most probably had to have had at least an epidural injection (for which there was a 4 month wait). The doctor knew nothing of IDD so suggested, as I was reporting improvement, I could contact them again should I need to.

I completed the treatment programme and now have practically regained full function, including being able to sit for substantial periods, which eluded me for some considerable time. Without having IDD I would probably still be waiting for an epidural or, even worse, surgery given the extent of my prolapse. Yet I am returning to work in a few days time.

The most impressive thing about the course of treatment is its holistic approach to tackling underlying issues causing the symptoms. Alongside the actual IDD treatment there is a focused and individualised programme of exercises, tailored to your specific needs and taught and supervised by professionals. It is this, as much as the IDD, that has made a real difference to my progress and, importantly, is likely to help prevent future reoccurrence. I hope that the success of IDD could ensure that in the future it may be available on the NHS as an alternative to more expensive and invasive procedures.

On a more personal note, everyone I’ve encountered at the clinic has treated me professionally, with the utmost courtesy and respect. I have been kept fully informed throughout my progress and any questions I had were answered honestly and thoroughly. I cannot commend them highly enough. Phil Ulyatt

My pain, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, dropped to about 2 even 1 on some days. I found IDD treatment painless and quite relaxing, helped by great staff. My quality of life has changed dramatically – no more headaches. I’m able to do so many more every day things around the home that I haven’t been able to do for many years, plus my life is so much more enjoyable now. June Williams

I suffered 2 prolapsed discs a few months ago which apart from extreme lower back pain also resulted in acute Sciatic pain in my left buttock and all down my left leg and into my ankle. I also experienced pins and needles and not much sleep. After a while I was made aware of IDD Therapy, after just a couple of treatments I was pain free, I have now completed my treatment and have gone from having to walk with a stick and being in severe pain to now being pain free, able to stand up straight and walk properly.  I have my life back, thank you. Della Murdoch

I have suffered from a herniated disc and severe sciatica for a year and a half, after trying everything on offer I was told about IDD Therapy which is an innovative therapy from the USA which is now being used in some clinics in the UK, luckily on my door step in Hove at Sussex back pain clinic. After exhausting all my treatments, all I had left was surgery which naturally filled me with dread. So I decided to go ahead with the total course of IDD Therapy which took about 6 weeks in total.

Well, it is amazing, as I went through each session, I was totally looked after and at the end of the therapy I was given very specific exercises to do.

Now some weeks after the treatment was complete, what I have discovered is that the treament is infact cumulative and you carry on healing week after week.  What I do realise, is that the whole package is vital, because the IDD Machine creates the correct environment for you to heal and the special personalised exercises hold everything in place whilst strengthening you up!  No downtime, no side effects and a bright future ahead. I have been given a second chance to be free from pain and have a normal life. Joanna Barrett

“Last year my episodes of sciatica became severe and sometimes my leg would actually go numb when I stood for too long.   I was in so much pain I could hardly walk and was only sleeping for a couple of hours a night.  I needed to take painkillers every day but even with regular medication, the pain was too much for me to bear – and I’m a big strong bloke!

My doctor sent me for some osteopathy and acupuncture sessions but they didn’t help and an operation was the last thing I needed – being self-employed, I couldn’t afford the time off work for a start!  I went to see Dan Smith (Sports and Spinal Physio) who reviewed my MRI scan and confirmed a large disc bulge in my spine. He decided that I was an ideal candidate for the IDD Therapy programme.

I finished my treatment programme in Spring 2014 and I’m feeling fantastic; my pain has drastically reduced and I’m able to walk, drive and sleep properly.  I still have to take care of my back and avoid heavy lifting but this is nothing compared to the debilitation I suffered before my treatment.

It’s really not an exaggeration to say that IDD Therapy has changed my life completely.  Without it I’d still be in agony on a four month waiting list for a back operation…”Scott Bryan, London

“I’d suffered with lower back pain on and off for a couple of years but after a knee replacement operation in 2011, it got much worse and I also began to get a grinding sciatic pain in my leg when I’d been sitting for too long or walking for any length of time.  I ended up needing a stick and I found it very difficult to do my normal daily activities and even simple things like dressing myself and standing at the sink to wash the dishes were a problem.

My clinician, Mark Roughley (Leominster Osteopaths) recommended a programme of IDD Therapy to treat the two disc bulges in my spine.  He continually assessed my progress during the programme and suggested gentle exercises to do at home to compliment the treatment.  At the end of the programme, I was virtually pain-free and able to enjoy my usual daily activities including walking with my friends – something I’d really missed.  I’d definitely recommend IDD Therapy – it’s given me back my life!” Margaret Vernalls, Herefordshire

“Last summer I was getting about 15 jolts of agonising pain a day when I tried to do the simplest of things – like getting up from a chair or bending to pick something up. I also had a constant grinding pain (sciatica) travelling down both legs from my thighs to my calves.

I had some physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy but none of the treatments made any real improvement.  At the beginning of this year the pain and lack of mobility became unbearable and my GP referred me to a back pain specialist.  I didn’t really want to resort to spinal injections, but at his point I felt I had no choice.

Shortly after that, my mum happened to see an advert for IDD Therapy at Sports and Spinal Physio in Brentwood. I decided I had nothing to lose so I rang and booked an IDD assessment with the clinic director, Dan Smith. I can’t explain to you how relieved I felt to hear Dan say that here was hope for me – I was keen to start the IDD treatment programme as soon as possible.  Dan explained that I would need a series of treatments – but I actually felt some relief after the very first session.

IDD Therapy has really helped me – I’m free of pain now so I’m back to full capacity at work, I’m at the gym a couple of times a week and I’m playing football with my son again.  I recommended it to my mother-in-law and she’s had a successful course of treatment too. I feel like I want to shout about IDD Therapy to everyone…it really does work.” Steve Pardoe, Essex

“It’s now improved my daily life to the extent that I’m enjoying gardening again – recently it took me the best part of seven hours to cut my large lawn (a quarter of an acre).  Before IDD Therapy, I would have been in agony for the next two days but although I was tired, I had no pain whatsoever!  I now look forward to daily activities without the feeling that I’ll regret it the next day. I still have to be careful with my back but I feel far more able to enjoy an active life.” Roy Jackson, Leicester Tigers Ex-President

“I’ve got this fantastic feeling of being given a second chance to do things I used to take for granted such as swimming, cycling, gardening and going to the gym.  Most important of all, I can get a good night’s sleep now without constantly waking with the pain. I would recommend IDD Therapy to anyone who is suffering like I did.”  Dominyk Mackevic, West Yorkshire

“It started with tingling in my fingers and arms then pain in my shoulder blades and left arm and eventually, I had two permanently numb fingers on my left hand. It transpired I had three bulging discs in my neck.  I was devastated to hear that I might need surgery and I was desperate to find a non-invasive alternative.  I only take mild painkillers very occasionally now and I feel so much happier in myself.  I feel very lucky to have found IDD Therapy and I’m so relieved that I didn’t opt for spinal surgery.”    Rachael James, London

“I couldn’t see a future without the pain and I was feeling heartbroken – I’d gone from being a very happy and active mum, doing lots of outdoor activities with my children…to a fragile and miserable shell of a person who was reliant upon everyone around me for help with the smallest of tasks.

I finished my treatment programme in Spring 2014 and I’m feeling fantastic: my pain has drastically reduced and I’m able to walk, drive and sleep properly.  It’s really not an exaggeration to say that IDD Therapy has changed my life completely.”   Sarah Phelan, Corby

“The pain I suffered was unbearable at times and it had a negative impact on my life in general.  I have a very physical job as a landscape gardener so the spasms I suffered affected the way I worked; my body was very stiff and I wasn’t able to bend forward without support so this made strenuous tasks such as digging and putting up fences very difficult.

At the end of the programme I was completely free of pain – and two years later, I’m still amazed that can do my job and live my life without anything holding me back.” Steve Moore, Hereford

“I first became aware of IDD Therapy Treatment by word of mouth from a colleague who could not speak too highly of it.   My condition was caused by a previous injury that occurred while under military service.  I had suffered for a number of years since leaving the military and after trying many forms of treatment I found no improvement.

After my very first IDD Therapy Treatment I noticed/felt an instant relief and had the first decent night’s sleep without pain for a number of years.  I would recommend this form of treatment to anybody with the same condition as myself.” Mel, Herefordshire

“My back problems began 40 years ago whilst serving with the British Army.  In 2010 the back pain and sciatica took over my life – to a point where I hardly slept.  I tried physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture but only gained temporary relief.   A consultant confirmed that several discs in my spine were degenerated and I needed surgery.

I felt devastated and was desperate to find an alternative non-invasive treatment.   After an IDD Therapy assessment, I began treatment and gradually my pain levels reduced, allowing me to regain some mobility – and confidence – which improved with each treatment.  At the end of the programme I was pain-free and able to return to my gardening and jogging.  It’s been three years since my treatment and I’m amazed that I’m still living my life without pain.”    Lou Lawford, Hereford

“I first hurt my back in 1989 doing too many sit-ups at the gym.  I suffered on and off with lower back pain and grinding sciatic pain in my leg.  Sometimes my leg would actually go numb when I stood for too long. I  was in so much pain I could hardly walk, let alone cycle.  Six months after giving up my sports and not seeing any improvement, I realised I needed professional help.

At the end of the IDD programme, my pain was significantly reduced and I was able to enjoy my work and sports again.  I can now cycle over 100kms a week with no adverse reaction.  I still have to take care of my back and avoid lifting heavy objects but this is nothing compared to the debilitation I suffered before my treatment.” Glyn Whiting, Leominster

“My back pain was intolerable for three months and I had to rest in bed the whole time.  Now I can walk for hours and I’m a lot happier.”   Aida, London

“I had pain in my lower back and bending and sneezing gave me pain in my leg.  Six weeks later – after a programme of IDD Therapy – I’m out of pain.” Jabir, London

“I had two slipped discs and couldn’t move for two months.  I couldn’t stand or walk for more than five seconds.  Now I’m pain-free thanks to IDD Therapy.”  Nawa, London