Stephen Small

What’s changing in spine care?  A lot! Do you remember the first time you saw a Tesla?  Do you remember the first time you heard about a bagless hoover … called a Dyson.   Or the ad for a thousand songs in your pocket – the ipod.  With a lot of complex thinking about back pain, we’re just keeping it simple. 

The latest IDD Therapy newsletter is out with a snapshot of what will be a seismic shift in the way physical therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors deal with unresolved spinal pain. 

As part of the process, we provide clinics with hard copies of the newsletter to share with colleagues, consultants and GPs so that they can see the changes and the solution right here right now for patients. 

Because if a patient with a bulging or herniated disc is not responding the standard treatment, we can do so much more without them going from pillar to post, trying medications, perhaps a steroid injection or two, coping strategies etc. IDD spinal decompression is the most significant scalable solution, it’s precise, duplicable and measurable. 

There is a body of evidence, it will need more before we get NICE approval, or we get into the NHS but that’s fine for private clinic because patients who are fed up, in pain and want to improve their quality of life.