The Accu SPINA is the flagship IDD Therapy-licenced spinal decompression device.  It is distributed by Steadfast Clinics and manufactured by North American Medical Corp in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Spina range of equipment was developed to address the failings of traditional traction.  Whilst there is some “traction” in the DNA of the Accu SPINA, the computer-controlled equipment was developed to decompress and mobilise targeted spinal segments in a manner which traditional traction never could.

The Accu SPINA is a CE & FDA cleared Class II medical device.

What the AccuSPINA can do for your chronic disc patients

  • Distracts targeted spinal segments safely and precisely
  • Proven to open intervertebral disc space from between 5 and 7mm
  • Unique oscillation feature mobilises joint at point of maximum distraction
  • Sinusoidal waveform instead of linear traction pull reduces risk of spasm
  • Computer-controlled, slow and consistent stretch
  • Inbuilt Oswestry Disability Index and Visual Analogue Scale
  • Advanced ergonomic harnesses for patient safety and comfort
  • Machine tilts to allow comfortable upright boarding

Well established in North America, the Accu SPINA and IDD Therapy is the fastest growing conservative spine treatment, delivering a precise and more consistent treatment than is possible with the hands alone or with traditional traction treatments.

bridging the gap IDD Therapy

Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinic  is one of the established clinics providing IDD Therapy with the AccuSPINA.

Clinical Director, John Wood is delighted to be able to offer more to his back and neck pain patients:

“For anyone suffering with a disc-related problem which does not require immediate surgical intervention, the IDD Therapy treatment programme is definitely something worth considering.

From a clinician’s perspective, it is extremely satisfying to be able to do more for my chronic back and neck pain patients.”

If you are looking to do more for your patients, request an information pack which gives you more details using the form below.