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Here is an idea for some free marketing which is guaranteed to get any clinic some new patients.  Sadly, I had this ‘lightbulb moment’ as a result of painful personal experience last Monday night!

Towards the end of last year a friend invited me to join a group of guys playing 7 a side football at a local school.  Aged from early 20s to early 50s, we play on Monday nights where three different games go on during a one hour session.

Last Monday, in the flush of enthusiasm to play well and impress my team mates, I over-exerted myself and am now walking with a sorry limp – the result of a serious groin injury.  I fear what would have been a highly illustrious football career needs to be cut short before I do lasting damage!

However on a very positive note, this has given me two valuable lessons which you can use to get new patients and at the end of this article, you can get a free template to help you.  Remember:

Every player gets an injury because our competitive heads will always, at some point, in some game, demand more than our bodies can deliver.

How do I choose the best clinic? 

Lesson 1 – Make Your Signage Strong & Keep It Fresh

There can be many pathways a patient follows to choose a clinic.  In my case, some time ago a neighbour mentioned a clinic where they received treatment and every day I drive past a sign for the clinic (not the actual clinic as it is located in a side street).

My neighbour’s recommendation, coupled with the burned imprint of the clinic in my mind led me to call this clinic.

How strong is your clinic signage?

Is it burning a message into the public’s subconscious?
Can someone driving past see what you do?
Do you change it ever to keep it fresh?

I know a very successful dentist; the practice has strong signage and in addition they have a temporary sign which enables them to display different banners with various messages.

Could you do something to make yourself more visible?  Think about why shops change their store front to keep things fresh: the same principles can apply to a clinic.

Lesson 2 – Get Out There To Grow Your Business

Every player gets an injury because our competitive heads will always, at some point, in some game, demand more than our bodies can deliver!

The sound of ‘ping’ or ‘crack’ signals when that has happened!

One evening a month why not go to places where sporting wannabes go to injure themselves.

In my personal painful experience, the pitches area has one entrance that every player files through to the car park.  If you position yourself here, you can hand a card or flyer to waiting/exiting players.

If associates are going out there, I would recommend that they hand out promotional business cards (with their name on) which include a voucher towards a future treatment (not a price-off treatment discount).  This gives the players a reason to keep the card and at the same time it gives you something to engage them with.

Alternatively if you are promoting the whole clinic, use a well branded A6 postcard.

You are not there to sell, just be friendly and spread your name.  Take an appointment book with you: you never know when the next groin-strain is going to happen!

The important point here is that 90% of clinics won’t bother to do this which is exactly why you should and it costs you nothing.  If you are wondering about the zebra photos, think about the best place for a lion to find lunch.  if you want more patients, go to where the patients are.

If you would like a free guide to a tried and tested Associate Incentive Scheme, please use the form below.

The ideal time to introduce yourself…

Getting injured is a bit of a joke amongst the players since everyone gets injured.  On football night they are in good spirits so this is a great time for you to connect with them.

Identify the astro-turf pitches in your area, find out when people play and go along there.

There will also be games of football, hockey, rugby etc on Saturday afternoon at the local park.  Go there in twos if you can, wearing branded jackets and give all the players a business card.

I don’t suggest leaving flyers on cars as this is too impersonal: make contact with real people so they can put a face/personality to the clinic.

Remember, you might not get a card to everyone but when someone does get injured, a fellow player may well mention your name.

Final word

You may not be used to getting out there amongst your public but if you do this consistently and regularly, you will enjoy the interactions and you will create a professional, friendly and accessible profile for the clinic – and you will undoubtedly get new patients.

Need some inspiration for your promotional business card or flyer?  Use the form below and I will send you a mock -up which you can tweak.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy watching strutting peacocks make turkeys of themselves!

Author: Stephen Small

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