Spinal Decompression Norwich – IDD Therapy at Norwich Spinal Health

When clinic director Neil Folker suffered a disc prolapse, he was told he would need surgery. 

Clinic Director Neil Folker having IDD Therapy

Reluctant to face the risks and inconveniences of surgery, he travelled to a clinic providing IDD Therapy and underwent a course of treatment.

Preparing patients for IDD Therapy on the Accu-SPINA

With a well established and successful chiropractic clinic in Norwich, Neil felt what IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression had done for him and brought an IDD system (Accu-SPINA) into the clinic so that he and his team could do more for patients with unresolved disc problems.

Neck pain treatment on the Accu-SPINA

We are delighted to have such a prestigious clinic in the UK provider network.

Norwich Spinal Health – First class back pain centre in Norwich

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