The ‘Small’ rule of mobile phone etiquette when a call gets disconnected – Blackberry, iphone, Nokia, Samsung, LG

I want to outline a very simple idea which I invite you to share with everyone you know because it surely has affected you, it affects practically everyone on the planet and it will take away some of the world’s frustration, or mine at least!  It will only work if everyone knows it, so spread the word.

Have you ever been on your mobile phone and got disconnected?

Of course you have.

What happens?  You phone the other person back, only to reach their voicemail because your friend is busily phoning you back.

When you finish leaving your message, you then see you have a message and guess what…. it’s your friend leaving you an identical message “Hi Steve, we got disconnected, can you call me back”. Grrrr!

If you are really unlucky, you then phone your friend back again, and again you get voicemail because he is phoning you back! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I think some people get trapped in this circle of pain for hours …!

So my revolutionary idea to save millions of wasted calls, electricity and frustration energy is a simple piece of mobile phone etiquette when a phone gets disconnected:

He who made the call, phones back.

I repeat

She who made the call, phones back.

I acknowledge that this is a random blog post not connected to pain relief but I have to put the idea somewhere.

Before posting, I asked my wife for her opinion, she said great but asked whether I could also come up with a solution as to how to get our daughters to hang their things up …. no idea on that one!

By Stephen Small
Director Steadfast Clinics