The success of a clinic is in the detail and attention to detail is the driving force behind patient loyalty.

“Clinic Marketing Tips” looks at the details in your clinic and how you can improve them.  Here is an idea you can quickly implement to show your patients that they are in the right place for treatment.


At my gym in Bishops Stortford, UK, they have a Success of the Month wall.  Each month they display a case study.  This is a picture of someone and a story of what going to the gym has done for them.

Most of the case studies describe people who joined the gym and over the course of 9 months, lost 15kgs / got more confidence / did their first marathon etc.

I find these stories really motivating.  Without question seeing these stories each month reaffirm why I must keep going to the gym and why this gym (Challenge Active) is the place for me.  The people are real and I have seen many of them in the gym.


This got me thinking about related ideas such as why should restaurants/ businesses display an employee of the month?  2 reasons:

1/ to show staff that they are valued, to motivate other staff members and to give positive encouragement to the team to aspire to success.

2/ to provide evidence to customers that this restaurant looks after its staff, that they are good … and therefore if the staff are good, their dining experience at the restaurant is going to be good too.


Thinking about these two ideas, I applied the psychology drivers to the clinic business and created the Patient of the Month concept to display in waiting rooms.

You treat someone successfully … let other people know you can help them too.

Make it easy for everyone (you!) 3 paragraphs maximum, with a photo, to display in your waiting area.  That is it.  (Need a template? – use the form below to request yours)

Patients coming to your reception will be interested to read it and this will make a positive impression.

Of course, patient stories are used in all aspects of raising the profile of a successful clinic.  From a newsletter, to social media and more to give a powerful boost to your word of mouth and name recognition.

If you want some free materials on how to improve your visibility, request our clinic ’12 x 12′ marketing blueprint.
Good luck.

Stephen Small

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